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About Us

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Newdoom Apparel is a reflection of the urban side of our city that brings out the "Soul" of the Heart Land.

When the ideas of Newdoom were conceptualized in 2012, they were constructed on uniting Art, Graffiti, Skateboarding and Music collectively while fostering a movement to unify our city. The very moniker “NEWDOOM” is centered on flipping the status quo upside down. Fast-forward to 2020 where we still aim to unify those same artistic expressions we have focused our initiatives towards educational programming with our nonprofit N3wdoom Inc.

At N3wdoom Inc. our programs will provide knowledge, skills, resources and tools of empowerment. We will build an economic support system through a network while turning individuals into assets.

Despite the shift in focus, the passion to empower the disenfranchised lives on, change is from the inside outward.

For more information regarding educational programing, sign up for our email list to receive updates. We aim to launch our website soon.

If N3wdoom is a movement, Newdoom Apparel is a Statement.

Motto: Terrorize the crooked